​This year, the fourth ​United States–European Union (US-EU) Workshop on Two-Dimensional (2D) Atomic Layered Materials and Devices, will be held September 13-14, 2018, in San Sebastian, Spain. The event will be held in association with Graphene Week​ http://graphene-flagship.eu/grapheneweek ​ organized by the European Graphene Flagship Program. The ​US-EU ​2D Workshop promotes the understanding, development, and application of materials which are atomically thin. These crystalline materials (metals, insulators, and semiconductors) possess properties which are not readily achieved in conventional semiconductors such as flexibility, optical transparency, surface inertness, and a wide array of heterojunction combinations to enable new devices. Layered assembly of these materials allows the electronic and optical properties to be tuned and controlled by engineering of quantum size effects and tunneling. The workshop facilitates discussion of important scientific questions and grand technical challenges in the field.

​This marks the first time the workshop will be held in association with a major conference and promises wider European participation and more opportunity for US-EU connections. This year
the conference chair and co-chair are Alan Seabaugh, University of Notre Dame, and Joshua Robinson, Pennsylvania State University. Registration information can be found on https://graphene-flagship.eu/grapheneweek/Pages/US-EU-Workshop.aspx.

There have been three prior US-EU 2D Workshops. In 2015 and 2017 the workshops were held in Arlington, Virginia. In 2016, the workshop was held in Manchester, United Kingdom. Reports of these prior events are available under Past Workshops. Since the founding of the workshop, it has been co-sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and the EU Graphene Flagship Program.